An initiative by Tosca RSM 2impact

Program overview

What makes the program unique?

This program combines state of the art scientific knowledge and hands on experience. It will not only help you to articulate your sustainability business case, making the SDGs strategically and financially feasible, but also gives you the operational knowledge you need to realize your intention and drive real impact towards the 2030 goals

From Intention to realization

Moving from intention to realization starts with a sound understanding of the drivers of change. These are largely related to an interplay between intention (business case for sustainability) and how to realize these in practice (business model). A World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) survey found that even frontrunner companies lack a thorough understanding of the business case that the SDGs represent.

Topics of this program

Topics covered during this program include:

  • Systems thinking
  • Business case & business models
  • Internal alignment and how to embed sustainability in the culture of the organization
  •  How to identify tipping points and overcome them
  • External alignment: stakeholder engagement & partnerships
  • Different leadership styles in each phase of the transition

Learn & share track

During the learn & share track of the program, we will bring together the teams with change agents from all participating companies. This will include in depth training events as well as share & learn sessions in which we will discuss what has been learned and how to apply those learnings. Feedback will be given by other participants, by TOSCA and RSM. There will be plenty of opportunity to exchange best practices with each other in a confidential setting.

In-company track

The incompany track is facilitated by TOSCA. The key output from this track is capacity and capability building and the development of a transformation plan, in which the accelerator team will play a key role. Based on the plan, TOSCA will support this accelerator team in the first steps of implementation.


Your investments for this 12-month program will be:

59.000 Euro (excl. VAT) for large enterprises   - pay 50% in September 2021 and 50% in January 2022

45.000 Euro (excl. VAT) for SME  - pay 50% in September 2021 and 50% in January 2022

This includes: 12-month support, 2 x company scans, 4 training sessions at RSM, 4 share & learn sessions, diverse workshops, 5 people to join the full program (more can join the in-company program), certificate for 5 people in the company