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About the program

The 12-month program starts with an inspiring kick-off session to set the scene. We will perform a company scan to map the ambition and current position of your company. This will be the starting point to set the ambition and to draw up a transformation plan. The effective implementation of this plan will be the focus during the remainder of the program. We will monitor progress and recalibrate the plan for maximum impact. During the program there will be interactive workshops and training sessions to build capabilities, share insights with other companies and learn from each other. We will perform a second company scan six months after the end of the program to measure progress. The program consists of an in-company track with your own team and learn & share track in which we bring the teams from all participating companies together. These two tracks mutually reinforce each other.

How the program works

Kick off
Company scan
Set ambition and transformation track
Measuring progress

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